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In-Depth: A Guide to Towny
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11th Nov 2019

The official guide for DMC - Ecosurvival

Welcome to the official Towny plugin guide for the DMC - EcoSurvival server! Here, you will learn everything you need to know about the Towny plugin as it pertains to our server!

What is Towny?:
  Towny is a server plugin that allows for the creation of towns and nations through chunk-claim. The Towny plugin uses the vanilla Minecraft chunk system to build protections for the Mayor and everyone in their town. To view the chunks, use the hotkey F3+G. Using the hotkey again will disable the chunk grid.

How do I make a Town?:
  In order to make a town, there are a few requirements that must be met. First, you need to be [Settler] rank to gain access to the command. Second, you will need $3500 to found a town with the command /t new <name> . The exact spot you are standing will be your home chunk, and the location for you and your town members to respawn in your town, though this can be moved. It is recommended you have a minimum of $5000 before you start a town, in order to claim more land and pay the town upkeep.

How do I claim more land for my Town?:
  Now that your town is up, you'll need some space for your citizens. To add people to your town, you will first need to claim more land. To claim more land, you must walk to a chunk connected to your town and type /t claim. This command will claim the chunk, at the cost of $25 per additional chunk you buy. Once you've claimed a decent amount of land, you may then add more people to your town. With the command /t invite <player> you can send an invite to someone, and let them join your town. As a player, joining a town, you must type 
/t join <town_name>.

How do I give a plot to someone?:
  Giving someone a plot in town is simple, and completely customizable! Plots are the chunks the mayor has claimed in the previous steps. In order to give these plots of land to citizens of the town, the mayor will need to walk on to the plot they wish to sell, and type /plot forsale <price>. Leaving the <price> empty will result in a free plot. Players will only be able to build inside their own plot, unless specified by the mayor via town settings. To add someone to your plot, use the command /res friend add <playername>. This will allow the player specified to build in your plots. They must do the same command to allow you to build on their plot.

Forum » Server Information » DMC - EcoSurvival Guide
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