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What is DMC - ES?
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10th Nov 2019

DMC - EcoSurvival
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. It will answer most, if not, all of your early questions!

  This is a survival, economy-based server. The economy is entirely player-controlled, meaning there is no server shop to base prices off of. This is an intended feature, to ensure the economy remains comfortable and fair to the players.

  Currently, there are four(4) ranks to progress through, but more are set to be added very soon! The rank are as follows:

default --> Player
Player --> Member

Member --> Settler
Settler --> Nomad

Nomad --> Explorer
Explorer -->  Noble

Noble -->  Squire
Squire   --> Knight

Each rank give you a set of permissions, to encourage ranking up and progressing through the game. Use /rankup to rank up to the next rank, or see the requirements to rank up. These permissions are as follows:

$0 default:

- /rtp
- /tpaccept

- /tpdeny
- /bal

$1000 Player:

- /tpa
- /back

- /sethome (1)
- /home

- /kit daily
- May Purchase Shops at /warp pshop

$7,500 Member:
- /condense

- /sethome (2)
- 7 sell slots in /ah

- Can mine spawners with silk touch
- Access custom heads with /heads

$10,000 Settler:
- May now found a town with /t new

$12,000 Nomad:

 - /sethome (4)
 - /backpack(1)

$15,000 Explorer:

 - Four(4) jobs
 - /backpack (2)

$18,000 Noble:

 - Can create a nation with /n new <name> [Read the Towny guide to learn more]
 - /backpack (5)

$20,000 Squire:

 - /sethome (6)
 - /backpack (7)

$23,000 Knight:
 - Can tame a horse with MyPet! The mypet horse can be leveled up to be faster, carry things, and give small buffs! See the full guide [ HERE] on the forum!

$30,000 General:

$40,000 Paladin:

$60,000 King:

$100,000 DemiGod:

$300,000 Godly:

$1,000,000 GrindKing:
 - /fly

    To rank up, you need money. The best way to make money is with the Jobs plugin! The basic commands for jobs are as follows:

- Browse all available jobs and learn more about each one by bringing up the list of jobs to choose from! /jobs browse
- Join up to 3 jobs to start making money and progressing! /jobs join <job>


    McMMO is a plugin that allows players to progress in skills, through leveling. As you level you will gain unique abilities pertaining to each skill. To learn more about each skill use /mcstats to see a list of available skills, then use /<skillname> to get more in-depth information on that skill.

    Crates is a plugin that lets players use keys to open crates full of some of the best items in the game! To get started use /warp crates to view the available crates! Each crate will require a specific key, and each key is obtained via different methods, based on the rarity of the crate. Currently, there are three(3) crates to choose from; daily, vote, and the holiday crate(thanksgiving currently). Daily crate keys can be obtained via /kit daily at the Player rank or above. Vote keys may be obtained via vote sites, by using the command /vote and voting at each site. (Each site also gives one diamond and $200). Thanksgiving keys are obtained through events, contests, and a small chance of getting one from the vote crate.

    Finally, once you've done all that, or when you're ready to begin your journey, don't forget to claim your one-time starting kit with the command /kit  starter . Then, if you choose not to join a town, type /rtp to be randomly teleported into the world. Be safe out there!
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