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Server Update V0.02
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Nov 2019

Server Update V0.02

The second official update for DMC:ES

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second official update for DMC - EcoSurvival! Please read all the changes and patch notes to learn about all the new features!

Official DMC Network website!

    We have officially launched the website for the DMC server network! Register now to start posting to our community, and be sure to check out all the guides and tutorials here!

Registration/Login plugin added!
        Recently, there has been a few attempts at hacking the server, specifically with bots. To prevent this from happening again, new players will need to /register <password> on the first login, and returning players will need to /login to continue. We are actively looking for a better solution, but for now please bear with us for this fix.

Donations have been added!
    The official DMC store has been added to the website and the server! You may now purchase donor packages, boosts in game, and much more from the donor shops! Click here! to be taken to the donor shop!

New ranks have been added!

    Be sure to check out the ranks here! The new ranks add a few more commands, and give access to backpacks! To use a backpack, rank up to at least nomad rank and type /backpack!

That concludes the current notes for update DMC V0.02! If you have an comments, questions, or concerns, head on over here to check out the forums and get some help! 

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