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Server Update V0.03: Events!
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Nov 2019
DMC - EcoSurvival - Official Update

Event Update - V0.03
Proudly presented to you by DMC - EcoSurvial Staff

Welcome to the official events update for DMC - EcoSurvival! We are excited to announce events on the server, how they work, and the dates for the first events in DMC history!
Let's get into it!

  NEW FROM DMC - EVENTS! Events are server-wide challenges that any active player can sign up for, unless requirements have been specified. We will do our best to host 1-2 events EVERY weekend, each event filled with great prizes and rewards!

Currently we have two planned events for this upcoming weekend: 

Saturday, November 16th 12:00pm (gmt-utc7) - 1v1 SINGLE ELIMINATION PVP TOURNAMENT
Sunday, November 17th 12:00pm (gmt-utc7) - 1v1v1 DOUBLE ELIMINATION SPLEEF TOURNAMENT

To learn more about the tournaments and sign up to participate, follow the links below to view the official rules, as well as the prizes!






A list of known bugs, actively being worked on.

  1. Treefeller causes a packet overload with anticheat, resulting in a false reading and a playerkick.
  2. Certain items cannot be auctioned, due to "durability" even with no durability bar on the item.
If you know of further bugs, please report them to staff. Thank you!

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