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Server Update V0.04
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Nov 2019
DMC-EcoSurvival Update
Proudly Presented by DMC-ES Staff

Welcome to another official update for the DMC-EcoSurvival server! Please read through the update carefully, as a lot has changed!

Before we get into the official update, we want to congratulate
For winning the first official DMC-ES PvP Tournament!

  To reduce potential lag, rules regarding spawners and grinders have been changed. Failure to follow these rules will result in the deactivation, up to removal of your spawner. Repeated offenders will face further consequences.
  1. Spawner-grinders may not have more than 5 spawners to one grinder. Any more is simply unnecessary.
  2. Both types of grinders (dark-room and spawner) must have a switch to deactivate them when not in use. The best way to accomplish this, is to use redstone lamps and a lever, though you may use any method you choose, as long as it stops 99% of spawns.
These rules are effective 11/20/2019, so current players have time to add shut-off switches, if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  Two new minigames have been added to the server: PvP Arena, and Spleef! These are available to all players, any time they wish to participate with friends. To join the pvp arena, use the command /pa join arena-1. Up to four players may play in a FFA, more arenas and gamemodes will be added in future updates. To join spleef, use the command /spleef join spleef-1. 2-8 players may play in a FFA spleef at any time. More arenas and gamemodes will be added in future updates!
To specate pvp: /warp pvpspec
To spectate spleef: /warp spectate

  In an effort to keep low lag, the server will restart every 12 hours. This may be reduced to 6 hours in a future update.

  The anticheat plugin has been updated . Currently all bugs have been fixed, if you find some please notify staff immediately and we will do our best to assist you with any issues you may have.

  Server difficulty has been set to "Hard" to allow villager curing and infecting, as well as other various vanilla features.

  The first dragon has been slain! it is now safe to traverse the End! Use /warp end to warp to the End dimension!

  [Knight] rank has been updated with a wonderful new feature! Visit the ranks page [ HERE] to learn more about the update!

  We have a brand new community forum on our website ! Post all about your Minecraft adventure, make friends, and even join towns on the new community submissions page [ HERE]!

Thanks for reading! If you have any Q/C/C please see staff or make a support topic!

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