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Server Update V0.05: Achievements
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Nov 2019
The Achievement Update

Welcome to the fifth official update for DMC-EcoSurvival; the achievement update! Before we get into the update, I would like to thank the community for all the support and feedback on the server! It's been really great to see you guys enjoying the server and helping me out by reporting bugs, and offering ideas for the server. Thank you, so much!

Update v0.05 Overview:
  • Custom achievements have been added! Use the command /aach list to open the GUI and track your progress!
  • The final ranks have been added! Browse through them [ HERE]! ... -guide-to-rankup-t28
Advanced Achievements:
  Progression through achievements has been added! Now, you can grind through over 50 custom achievements to unlock, which reward you with 36 new prefixes to choose from! Use the command /tags to view and equip any tags you may have unlocked!

New Ranks:
  The final ranks have been added to the game! You may now grind through seven new ranks, 16 total, to reach the top and become the GrindMaster! *New ranks do not currently grant any new permissions or perks, that set set to change within the next patch.* Reaching GrindMaster currently offers permanent use of the /fly command. Follow the link [ HERE] to read all about the new ranks and to stay updated with changes.

Update v0.06 Preview:
  The Following updates are features that are planned to be in the next update. Anything beyond this point is not a guaranteed addition! Some of these changes may come in the next update, or a following update!

  • DMC - Season Pass
  • Donor Shop
  • Updated Vote Shop
  • Change daily kit to daily quests
  • New Event(s)

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