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Server Update V0.06
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Dec 2019
DMC - EcoSurvival

Welcome another update for DMC - EcoSurvival! This update includes a lot of changes, both current and upcoming, so please read carefully for might've changed!


 - As many of you know we have a brand new host to reduce lag and tps! The server is still exactly as it was before, just with less lag! I'm grateful for the patience from everyone, and will be rewarding the server for allowing me to take my time and not rushing. This weekend, on Saturday 12/14/2019, there will be a 3x mcmmo exp boost for one hour! The event will start at 4PM GMT-7, and will last one hour. If you're not sure what time that is, please ask a staff member! NEW STAFF:

 - Recently the server has grown quite a bit and I'd opened up staff applications for the first time in DMC history. We had many applications, but two players really stood out to me. Please congratulate xodivinityxo and N3cromancer for being selected for the [Helper] role! They can now assist you with most things on the server, including griefing and rolling back. As part of staff, they have my trust and their word is as good as mine. Thank you for applying, and congratulations to both of you!


 - The donor shop has been receiving some love in the form of new packages, single item purchases, and more! All proceeds from the shop go directly back into the server, and really help us improve overall! If you are interested in donating, just follow the link [ HERE] and you may view the current available packages! More will be added in this update, in the form of ranks. Ranks will provide a set of commands useful for gameplay, as well as a few fun cosmetic commands!

 - There have been 2 new commands added to the ranks!

  1. [General] - Can now /nick 
  2. [Emperor] - Can now /nick but with color

 - This update will be broken into parts, similar to how update 0.05 was. This update you can expect to see the following changes as we complete them;

  1. We will be adding the MobArena plugin! MobArena is a plugin that allows you and your friends to join an arena together and take on waves of mobs! Every few rounds the difficulty increases, but so does the prize pool. The goal is to last as long as possible in the arena, to unlock the most amount of rewards. More information will be released as we iron out the plugin, so be on the lookout for that addition!
  2. The crates plugin will be swapped out for something better. The current crates plugin is heavy on the server load, and really lacks the customization I'm looking for. That being said, some time in this update there will be a change of crate plugin to allow for better drops, more interesting crates, and a more seamless system overall!
  3. Painting plugin! Currently we are looking into a painting plugin that allows you to use maps like a canvas, and dyes in game to paint anything you would like, then frame it in your house! Currently this is only just being looked into, so this may not be in the 0.06 update, but it is something to look forward to!
  4. More donation options are set to be added in soon! New ranks, packages, and single items will be added soon, so watch the store for something you might be interested in!
  5. The /voteshop command is still undergoing rigorous testing and is cautioned to use at your own risk. Once it is complete, you will be able to use your vote points to purchase holiday and seasonal crate keys from any previous time! Crates that are no longer in use have been moved behind the current crates, just down the stairs.
In conclusion, the server is doing incredibly well and I am so grateful for all the players we have. You guys/girls really keep me motivated and give me lots of ideas to add to the server and I appreciate it so much. Thank you everyone for playing here and having fun. I'm glad you all enjoy the server so much.

This has been update v0.06 - Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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