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Server Update V0.06.1
[Owner] Frozetic 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Dec 2019
Update 0.6.1
The MobArena Update

Welcome to update v0.6.1; The MobArena update! 

This update brings a few new features and reworks into the server, including a new crate, and an amazing new mobarena! Details for both can be found below!

Mob Arena:

As of today, you can officially play the first season of the DMC-ES MobArena! In the arena you and up to 5 other players will fight waves of mobs to earn rewards, based on how many waves you can make it through!

In this season of the MobArena, you will be fighting back the monsters of the nether, and stop them from claiming the overworld as their own! It's come down to the final battle, and with the monsters pouring out through the portal, you and your teammates must fight them back! Use the command /ma join PortalBurst to pick a class and fight back the monsters flooding into our home!

MobArena Seasonal Breakdown:

The mobarena will change from time to time, based on the season. Seasons are changed every 90 days, with leaderboard players being rewarded at the end of the season based on performance. In order to make the leaderboards, all you have to do is participate in the season, competing for the highest level, and the best mobhunter! Season rewards will be announced at the end of each season, and handed out to players who reach the top of the leaderboards!

MobArena Rewards:

In addition to seasonal rewards, players will also get rewards for grinding through the levels and beating all the bosses. The levels go on endlessly, but there are 3 bosses to be defeated. Once you've reached level 50 and defeated the final boss, you will be rewarded 2 of the new crate keys; the MobArena crate! This crate contains one new tag and several enchantments you are unable to get through normal gameplay! Once you reach level 50, there will be no more milestone rewards, and you'll just be playing for leaderboard rankings and per-level rewards, like experience.

Crate Changes:

The daily crate has been removed in exchange for the new MobArena seasonal crates! Daily crate keys no longer work, and may no longer be obtained! 

The new MobArena crate rewards can be found [ HERE

14th Dec 2019 [Owner] Frozetic
Here is a gallery of the arena! ... pD
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