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Server Update V0.07
[Owner] Frozetic 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Jan
Update v0.07
--Prestige Update--

Welcome back to another update for DMC - EcoSurvival! This update brings great, new features to the server including a new prestige system, a new crate, and much more! Before we dive into the new updates, I'd like to take a moment to announce the winners of the First Official DMC Build Contest!

First Place goes to ButteryPineTree for "The Workshop" - [ LINK]

Second Place goes to N3cromancer for "Padoru" - [ LINK]

Congratulations to both of you, wonderful builds! Please see a staff member for your rewards! 


 - You may now prestige! Once you reach the max rank, GrindKing , you may choose to prestige with the command /prestige . Using this command will rank you up to P1Player , giving you access to new commands, but you will restart your progress from the [Player] rank . You will have to re-earn many of your commands, so make sure your backpacks are empty, or you'll have to unlock the backpack again to access the items!

Check out the rankup guide for more information - [ HERE]

New Crate
 - A new crate has been released! The Deep Sea Crate can now be earned through the vote party, as well as rewards through contests, events, and prizes throughout the month! Use /warp crates to view the crate and head on over to the crates forum [ HERE] to read on the contents of the new crate!

For suggestions, bugs, or just general support, head on over to our discord #support!

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